A Little About Me

My name is Amen Boyd, I am happily married to my amazing husband who stole my heart and changed my last name. I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri, but have had the opportunity to live in Richmond, Virginia, Jackson Mississippi,  St. Louis, Missouri, and I now reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

I started this blog because I love talking about, eating and making good food. Food for me is a way to connect with people from all different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life.  Speaking of culture, did I mention that I’m first generation Nigerian? Well I am ! As a first generation Nigerian-American I have been exposed to different types of cuisines and spices and love sharing and learning new ones.

As a ‘food enthusiast’, which I’m referred to by my friends, family and co-workers, I just love food and sharing where to go to get good food. Also, I’m quite opinionated and have no issues describing what else could be added to make any dish awesome. After eating a ton of amazing food I love to come home and try and recreate. So no surprises when you see my personal recipes.

Lastly, I love people, family, food and I LOVE GOD! Everything else about me you will have to read through my posts!