Redefined Egg Benedict

Henry’s Midtown Tavern                                                                       
Location : 132 10th St NE Atlanta, GA

Food: Went here for brunch and another time for dessert I ordered the Short Rib Benedict which included two pouched eggs, smoked beef short rib hollandaise sauce atop a buttered biscuit. The presentation was eye-catching and made my mouth-water, but as I took a bite I strongly desired salt. The tenderness of the short rib was succulent but missed the opportunity on adding a savory note due to the lack of seasoning. The hollandaise sauce could have used a few extra splashed of lemon juice, white and cayenne pepper. The sauce was a bit runny and it overtook any flavor that the remaining benedict was attempting to savor.

Dessert: Ordered Heath Bar Pie
I am a huge fan of all things heath, and this ice cream pie should not be called heath bar pie. It was a sizable piece of pie, previously frozen, that was Oreo crusted vanilla ice cream sprinkled with small bits of heath bar. I was disappointed, this was far from heath, and recommend you do not order.

Rating: Eat When Last Option

Hours: Mon-Thur 11am-11pm Sat 10am-1am Sun 10am-11pm
Ambience: Casual, Light and Fun, great patio, LGBT-friendly
Customer Service: Good, Everyone was nice
Price: Everything under $20 Food is reasonable

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