D’Cuban & It’s Food

D’Cuban Café
Address: 6200 Buford Highway, Norcross, Ga 30017

Food: Let me give context before starting this review I love love Caribbean and African food and was looking forward to finding a really tasty Cuban restaurant. D’Cuban met my excitement and expectations as being the best authentic Cuban restaurant in Atlanta. Yes, I have been to Papi’s but I think D’Cuban is better! I am a fan! The food is fresh, tasty, sweet and savory all at once! Every bite of food taste like it’s made with love. The food taste as if every part of this entrée, the yellow rice, the shredded beef, the black beans, and the plantains were are made to perfection. Every detail was cooked at the right time, temperature and handmade as if your grandma cooked the perfect mea. But back to the review, the service was quick and friendly and the environment is relaxed with a strong sense of Cuban flare. A delightful sound of Cuban music plays at the restaurant, loud enough to bob your head but low enough to effortlessly hear the person sitting across from you. But beyond the great atmosphere is the amazing food! The portions are fillings and the food taste like it was made with love mixed with the perfect seasoning. I had the Roja Veja with yellow rice and plantains, the meat was seasoned well and had a kick to it, the plantains were ripe and sweet, and the yellow rice was delicious. The Palomilla chicken is also really good too. I honestly think you can’t go wrong with anything you order. Lastly the price is so affordable. There’s nothing over $9.94 which is a steal. So if you’re looking for great Cuban food, drive a little further out, pass the 285 exchange on Buford Highway and you’re ready to experience greatness! It’s a must try for Cuban cuisine.

Rating: I’ll Give My last Dime

Ambience: Cuban-flare, Relaxed, Casual, Family-Friendly
Price: Inexpensive, under $10
Customer Service: Friendly, Attentive, Great

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